About me

It all started as a kid with a simple dollhouse...


It stayed in my room for all the years, even when I was a teenager, and we bought some pieces for it occasionally. After it was unnoticed for a few years, my mom and I discovered that there are shows for miniatures and we visited the first one in Gießen, The "Schöne kleine Welt". The passion raised again and I discovered a whole new world, the world of crafting.


I did my first steps with Fimo. Looking back, they were quite simple, but I was very proud back then. It wasn't long before I subscribed in some internet dollhouse forums, where I met like-minded people. In 2009 I met some of them on the 1. Minimenta in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber. I attended my first orchid workshop there and what shall I say? I has not lost its grip on me ever since.


1 year later in 2010 I already attended the show in Rothenburg as a dealer, actually with quite simple plants at this time but we all start small, don't we. The next year shows in Mannheim, Korntal and Rheda were added to my timetable, already with better plants that were quite popular.


But as it goes, sometimes good is not good enough for yourself and we do have huge opportunities with the internet today. So I discovered the pages of Beth Freeman-Kane 2014 and saw her beautiful work. After some days of depression because my work weren't nearly as good as hers, I decided I can do better - and I did. And that's the story of how I got, where I am today.


Meanwhile I'm also on international shows, in April 2015 I attended the Tom Bishop Show in Chicago for the first time and where I also met Beth for the first time in person.


As a last point, I received my IGMA Artisanship in May 2015 as a huge appreciation of my work.