Guild School

In 2017, I will be teaching at the IGMA Guild School at Castine for the first time! I'm already very excited about that!

To learn more about Guild School and to register for classes, please click here.

I will offer 2 classes, a 12 hour and a 24 hour class, but the 12 hour herb class is already full.


12 hour: HERBS

Mmmmm, oh the smell! What would a kitchen or garden be without a few fresh herbs?

In this class students will learn how to do chives, parsley and lemon balm, using different techniques and materials to achieve the most realistic look. No pre-cut parts will be used. Students will learn how to cut the required shapes by hand and how important the precise shape of a leaf can be. Tips and tricks by the instructor will be given to form a basic knowledge on the how-to of herbs so students will be able to transfer their knowledge to do many more different herbs in the end. 

24 hour: Dahlias in Basket

One flower, so many possibilities! Dahlias are very versatile flowers. They come in various shapes and colors; the variety is endless. Why not cut some from your garden?

This class features making four different types of dahlias (single-flowered dahlias, water lily dahlias, ball dahlias, cactus dahlias) and some cut leaves—all hand-cut with highest precision out of paper. Students will learn how to figure out a flower’s exact shape, cut it without the use of any laser parts, color them realistically, shape and assemble them. Included are tips and tricks by the instructor. These techniques are transferable to many other plants and flowers. In the end, students will arrange the cut flowers and leaves in a provided handwoven basket.