I usual make plants you can use everywhere. As you can see, I'm more into the modern style, doing plants you could have at home yourself.


To these belong common indoor plants as well as herbs in pots or as a herb spiral, that you can also integrate to your garden.


And of course I do single dandelions and other garden solitaries you can plant into your garden wherever you want to. You can find them in my Shop.


Most of the pieces are sold and just shown for reference. All available pieces can be found in my Shop.

Everything Blooming

Green plants




Scene In A Box

A special I do are my so called "Scene In A Box". These are mostly small pieces of grass, arranged individually as small scenes. You can either put the box onto your shelf and have fun with it just looking at it or you can remove the piece carefully from its box and plant it into your garden.


Available ones are shown in my Shop.